Call, 7th of July

The latest resolutions and agreements in asylum and migration politics of the European Union clearly show: Europe is no longer keeping back. The political leaders of the EU member states are consolidating the European (far-) right tendencies by multilateral agreements. The agreed-on measures of a praised “European solution” do not suggest an end of the huge numbers of deaths at Europe’s armed borders. On the contrary, the measures criminalize refugees, making the situation even worse. The catalogue of measures means: misery, isolation, increasing numbers of deaths. This is making us angry.

Since the cancelation of the Italian coast guard’s mission ‘Mare Nostrum’ official EU institutions are not actively saving people in distress in the Mediterranean Sea. Those actions have been delegated to Libyan militia with the official mission to close yet existing routes for refugees and possibly completely end unwanted migration from Africa to Europe.

The militias are financed, trained and supported logistically by the EU, before hunting down
humans in cockleshells heavily armed, and lock up refugees still on land in camps. Those camps are utterly barbaric. Instead of refuge and treatment with the least, people are facing hunger, thirst, rape, torture, being sold into slavery, murder. In the last weeks, more than 300 persons drowned in the Mediterranean Sea; ten thousands in the last years! The EU agreed on continuing the proven cooperation this weekend.

At the same time, those who will not observe the dying without taking action, are being criminalized and made responsible for it in delusional distortion. Additionally, saving those in distress is made almost impossible by now.

Causes for migration and flight shall be fought by stopping people from their flight with force, closing routes and efficiently guard borders. Therefore, the EU is investing billions in despotic regimes; the (north)african states are supposed to stop refugees while passing through and deport them collectively to their home countries. Algeria, for example, abandoned at least 13.000 people without orientation, money, means of communication, water or supplies in the desert. On their own, they were supposed to find their way back to Niger. “The International Organisation for Migration reckons, for every migrant’s death in the Mediteranean Sea registered, up to two lose their lives in the desert. Potentially 30.000 people or more since 2014.” Not only since the Summit of Isolation, the EU is forcibly working towards more deaths.

Furthermore, the EU is planning to set up “Concentrated Centres” where those, who at last somehow managed to apply for asylum in Europe, are being interned, isolated, selected and deported into their miseries as soon as possible. The situations in the already existing camps for asylum seekers and the circumstances under which refugees in Southern Europe are suffering, foreshadow the humanitarian crisis that will come up when in future ten thousands will be captivated in smallest rooms and, only being supplied with essentials, awaiting their fate. And still, with all that being said, no word has been said about Seehofer’s (German minister of the interior) inner-German camps, that will seclude those from the outside world, who made their way to Germany.

The blatancy with which is being spoken about setting up camps of that kind is a clear hint at how far the brutalization has progressed. Meanwhile, it is not being discussed if and how humanitarian migration politics can be organized, but solely how any migration can be prevented by force. Long since the fascist movements rising up everywhere are the only problem. First, their vocabulary and then their politics had gradually been taken over by conservatives, socialdemocras and liberals. We will not accept this any longer!

We therefore call for going onto the streets on the 7th of July and demonstrate against the unbearable developments of German and European politics of seal of and isolation. We invite those to demonstrate with us who will no longer remain silent facing the raging misery, proceeding seclusion and the resulting massacre. Upcoming Saturday, all together to put an end to the violence!

Nationalism and racism – isoaltion and exclusion are not an alternative! For a world without torture, poverty, hunger and fear!

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